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Mother Knows Best

We spend most of our teenage years ignoring our mother’s advice only to learn later in life that her words were full of truth and wisdom. So, for this month’s beauty tips, the Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics team share their mother’s insightful words about beauty: “growing up, my mum always told me, ‘Keep your hands […]


Protect your skin from the Change in Weather

We hate to break it to you, but with summer fading fast, it’s almost time to pack away the sandals, brush off the knitwear and start cranking up the central heating. The change in season doesn’t just call for a different wardrobe and toastier home but also a change to your skincare routine. Everything from […]


Christmas Beauty Tips

This is the most anticipated time of the year. Our calendars are jam packed with lavish parties and events and we all want to look our absolute best. Here are some beauty tips to help you survive the festive frenzy: Combat Alcohol – Although you might enjoy sipping on a tasty cosmopolitan, your skin doesn’t. […]


Fruit and Veggies you should be eating if you want healthy, glowing skin

Regular in-clinic skin treatments and correct home care products are the foundations of a good skin care routine. But did you know that you can also help your skin look and feel it’s best 1. Pomegranates Pomegranates are full anti-aging vitamins and minerals which help to keep the skin have anti-ageing properties and can rejuvenate your […]

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Four Steps To Healthier skin

Four simple tips to keep your skin glowing 1. Get Plenty of H2O Toxins and oil build up can try to escape through the skin (hello pimples), but drinking plenty of water is a natural way to flush out harmful toxins. You can even add yummy fruits to your water for added goodness and taste. 2. […]

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