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We spend most of our teenage years ignoring our mother’s advice only to learn later in life that her words were full of truth and wisdom. So, for this month’s beauty tips, the Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics team share their mother’s insightful words about beauty:


“growing up, my mum always told me, ‘Keep your hands off your face! Do you know how many germs you have encountered today? Get them away from that beautiful face!’ I finally started listening to her advice, and my skin is thanking me for it.”
 Dee, Marketing Co-ordinator


“My mum always stressed the importance of exfoliation for smooth, fresh skin. I have a regular exfoliation routine that has become a habit” Captureaha
 Steph, Graphic Designer

Fabufeel’s new AHA Scrub is an excellent exfoliant, and will leave your skin looking and feeling it’s brightest


icecream“My mum’s words of wisdom were ‘everything in moderation.’ At 60, she’s still thin, which is partly because of good genes, but also because of her eating habits. She’s not a health nut; she loves ice cream, potato chips, and the occasional cocktail. She doesn’t deny herself sweets or snacks, but  she doesn’t overdo them either. This is definitely something I’ve stuck to over the years.”
 Anastasia , Beauty Therapist

“My mother’s best beauty advice was to stay out of the sun, never even think of using tanning oil, and to wear sunscreen every single day. I now make sure almost all of my products have SPF including my morning moisturiser, and even my lip balm.”
 Brodie, Beauty Therapist

Protecting your skin from the sun is made easy with DP’s Cover Recover (with breathable SPF)

“My mother’s most important piece of advice: ‘Take care of your neck. You never think of your neck until it’s too late.’ So now I always moisturise it.”

 Samantha, Beauty Therapist

We recommend Fabufeel’s Radiance Serum to help hydrate and protect your skin


“Mum always said that when it comes to makeup less is more. Minimal makeup and neutral shades never go out of style” makeup

 Melissa, Cosmetic Injector

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