Non Surgical Liposuction Sydney


Are you finding that exercise and eating healthy hasn’t been doing enough to help shed the excess fat around your stomach, thighs and buttocks? You’ve probably considered surgical liposuction but are not too keen on going under the knife and paying all that money to have it done. Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics offer proven non-surgical liposuction treatments which provide amazing results with no risks and zero downtime meaning you can return to work the same day and resume your daily activities.



Before and After

The before pictures below are patient images from worldwide clinical trials and some of our own clients taken the day of the 1st treatment and the after photos were taken following the clients final session. Observe the improvement in skin tone, tightness and body contour*.

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l5 l6


LIP before n after


*Individual results may vary

For further information, please visit our FAQs or call 1300 761 925*Pricing is or one specific area classified as a standard 2 hands on the specified surface.