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We hate to break it to you, but with summer fading fast, it’s almost time to pack away the sandals, brush off the knitwear and start cranking up the central heating. The change in season doesn’t just call for a different wardrobe and toastier home but also a change to your skincare routine. Everything from cooler, less humid weather and overly hot baths to hanging out too long in dry, stuffy indoor environments can deprive your complexion of moisture and wreak havoc on your skin.


  1. Make sure you moisturise:

Humidity levels tend to drop off in the autumn and winter months. The drier the air, the more moisture it sucks from your skin, so you’re more likely to experience dryness and flakiness during the colder months of the year. Ideally, you want to amp up your skincare routine as the season changes and swap your summer products for richer, more nourishing autumn/winter alternatives. “Just as you change your clothes with changing temperatures you should do the same with your skincare,” says top dermatologist Dr. Nick Lowe of London’s Cranley Clinic. “You need to switch up your lightweight summer moisturiser to a more heavy-duty face cream.” Follow the doctor’s orders and try our Fabufeel Radiance Serum with Hyaluronic Acid. This amazing serum improves the skin’s moisture content, and can even be used on dry lips as it is super hydrating, and gives radiance and glow to skin.



  1. Crank up the humidity

Heated air inside causes low humidity, which leads to water evaporating from our skin.  This can cause cracking, flaking and irritation and leave skin with a lacklustre, parched appearance.  You can mitigate the drying effects by investing in a humidifier to keep the air moist in your home or a portable device that you can also bring to work and pop near your desk. If you can’t stretch to a pricey humidifier, placing a few bowls of water near your radiators should do the trick, too. And don’t forget to drink lots of water and slap on your rich moisturiser as often as necessary, along with replenishing lip balm and extra-thick hand cream. If you need a helping hand, why not opt for our Microdermabrasion + Oxygen Facial? This is the ultimate facial if you want the most supremely radiant glow. This infusion enables the rejuvenating effects of oxygen to penetrate deeper into the skin leaving your it feeling more rejuvenated and hydrated.



  1. Keep hot baths and showers short

When temperatures plummet, a hot bath or shower is super-enticing, especially if you’ve spent the day outdoors in the freezing cold. As good as this sounds try to resist the temptation for the sake of your complexion if you can because hot baths and showers can dissolve the protective barrier in the skin which will eventually lead to dryness. To shield this protective layer of the skin try our Vitamin Peel combined with L.Lactic,  L.Glycolic and L. Mandelic to renew, brighten and smooth the skin.



  1. Reduce cold weather comfort eating

For many people with oily, acne-prone skin, the drier weather can actually help with breakouts and reduce flare-ups. But autumn/winter comfort eating might have the opposite effect. Studies suggest that diets high in refined carbs may trigger or exacerbate acne. Foods with a high glycemic index (GI) spike sugar which is thought to increase the levels of hormones in the body that are responsible for oil production. If you want to avoid diet-related breakouts this coming season, try not to go overboard on the carby comfort foods. That means going easy on the sugary treats, white bread, pasta, crisps and potatoes, whilst upping your intake of slow release carbs like oatmeal and brown rice. For added assistance in this area try our Deep Cleansing Facial.  Designed to decongest blocked pores and purify the skin this treatment provides a thorough cleanse, exfoliating peel, steam, extractions followed by an application of a rebalancing mask that will leave the skin feeling soft, refreshed and deeply cleansed.

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