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hairWhat you need to know about Laser/IPL Hair reduction.

How much do you really know about laser hair removal? Are you aware of the technical difference between an IPL machine, the effectiveness, and side effects or whether it is right for you?
Here is a quick guide on Laser Hair Removal:  IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light which has different scattered wave lengths and was originally invented for facial skin treatments, Laser uses one continuous wavelength specifically for hair removal. The Candela Gentle Max Pro machine has the most advanced and diverse laser techniques with different levels of power to suit your individual skin requirements, but some still prefer the IPL machines. You can find more about the laser in their brochure GentleMaxProBrochure.pdf  or watch the segment from The Today Show.

The Benefits of Laser/IPL Hair reduction.
Laser/IPL hair removal for surpasses the results of traditional methods such as shaving or chemical gels which only remove hair from the surface of your skin. Slightly more long-term are traditional waxing and epilation methods which are very painful but neither of these methods affects the most essential element necessary for hair growth – the bulb itself. Conversely, with laser/IPL Hair Reduction you actually achieve permanent hair reductions. By gently removing the hair down to the source and damaging the bulb/root Laser/IPLHair Reduction significantly disrupts hair re-growth.

A laser/IPL Hair Reduction treatment is safe and effective and has no harmful side effects when followed the aftercare instructions correctly, for example you should never expose any part of your treated skin into direct sunlight for around four weeks before and after you Laser session – which is also usually how long it takes for the hair re-growth will noticeably slow. Lastly, remember during this time to apply laser aid and only shave those areas for maximum benefits of the treatment.

Make the most of the cooler months and start your laser hair removal treatments now, then you won’t have to worry about exposing the areas which are being treated to the sun. When Summer rolls back around you will have finished your treatment and have the smoothest legs ever!

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