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We have what it takes to help you tackle your skin concerns, starting on the inside; we ensure you feel rejuvenated and radiant!

Did you know that your skin thins out during the ageing process, and thinner skin leaves a person prone to dehydration which causes fine lines which turn into wrinkles? Here is what you need to know on hydration and its effects on your skin.

It is common not to get as thirsty as it gets cooler, but when you drink less water you can find yourself dehydrated, feeling lethargic and leave your skin in trouble!
At home/at work, your skin is constantly battered by the heating/air conditioning and harsh outdoor weather that takes its toll on the skin. Don’t be fooled, drinking water, replenishing your body and generally keeping hydrated is essential – especially this time of year.

Remember the secret to great skin is hydration.

You can always ask us about our hydrating and power cleanse facials or if you have any further concerns.

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