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Winter is here and your skincare needs have changed! The drier weather – both outside from the cold winds and inside from the heaters really can take a toll on your skin.

Here are some winter beauty essentials!!! ?
1. Moisturiser – we recommend Payots “NUTRICIA CRÈME CONFORT” –
2. Moisturising Lip Balm- we recommend Payots “HYDRA 24+ LÈVRES” –
3. Sunscreen- even though it may not be as hot you can still get burnt during winter!! We recommend Payots “Crème Divine SPF 50” –
4. Hand Sanitizer- we recommend Payots “Crème Mains Douceur” –
5. A hydrating cleanser- we recommend Payots “CRÈME MICELLAIRE DÉMAQUILLANTE” –
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