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Winter is the testiest of seasons when it comes to our beauty routine. It can make our skin dry and dull. It can turn our hair into a sad, staticky, flat thing. And it can cause even the most rested of us to look…tired. Sullen. All while taking a major jab at the immune system.

There are sneaky beauty mistakes we make in the winter without even realizing it, little tweaks we fail to make that can be the difference between winter glow and winter gloom.

Here are 10 winter beauty mistakes to stop making before winter hits hard.
1. Turning up the shower temp- The extreme temperature not only dries out your skin, but it also can injure your skin barrier, which makes it even harder to retain moisture later
We recommend using Payots “Hydra 24 Essence”
2. Forgetting to exfoliate weekly- Use a gentle chemical exfoliant that won’t dry out your skin or strip your skin barrier, we recommend using Payot “Gommage Douceur Framboise”
3. Apply more than 1 layer of moisturiser-Combat dull, dry, or aging skin by taking time to apply more than one layer. For best results, use a moisture-packed serum- we recommend using O-cosmedics “3D HYALURONIC SERUM”
4. Don’t go heavy on the bronzer- To capture the perfect amount of glow, choose a subtle bronzer
5. Don’t forget about your feet!! – Keep your cracked heels in check with a little at-home pampering via hot water soak followed by a date with an exfoliating scrub or pumice stone.
6. Wearing matte lipstick too often- Matte lip colours, even if applied over a layer of Chapstick, are incredibly drying.
7. Using foamy cleansers too often- In the winter, especially when it comes to aging skin, it all goes back to protecting the skin barrier. Foamy, soap-based cleansers can strip and dry out your skin faster than greased lightning. We recommend using Payots “CRÈME N°2 EAU LACTÉE MICELLAIRE”
8. Neglecting your hands and your neck- Subjecting them to being rough, dry, and scaly all winter season isn’t going to do you any favours. If there’s ever a time to splurge on hand and neck masks, it’s now!! We recommend using Payots “ CRÈME MAINS DOUCEUR”
9. Skipping the SPF now that summers over- It’s more important than ever as your face combats the cold weather (that is already tough on your skin barrier as it is) and is privy to just as much sun exposure as any other time of year. We recommend using Payots “SUNNY” range.
10. Not visiting your beauty salon- just because its winter doesn’t mean our face doesn’t need some good TLC! It is still important to get regular facials to help get rid of dead skin cells and to keep your face hydrated during winter!! We recommend getting O-COSMEDICS “HYDRATING FACIAL” or payots “recovery facial- winter is coming”
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