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With fragrant buds, chirpy birds and a smattering of sunshine, spring is the ultimate time to air out the house and let in a burst of new energy. It’s also a great time to fling open the bathroom cabinet and reassess your beauty routine. As the seasons change, so does your skin. So out with the old and in with the new…

Cleansing is the most important step in helping remove those unwanted winter layers. Every day our skin is exposed to dirt, environmental pollutants and the build-up of dead skin cells and removing these should be the first priority no matter your skin type.

There’s a cleanser to suite everyone, whether your skin is normal, sensitive, oily, dry or a combination. Our favourite is Payot’s “Crème n°2 Eau Lactée Micellaire” as it brightens up this often dull ritual by offering a bold experience! This extremely gentle, delicate cleanser is surprisingly as fresh as water and as creamy as a lotion. It melts delicately on the skin to soothe and envelop it in a comforting veil.

Whether it’s wrinkles, acne-prone skin, redness, age spots, oily T-zones or freckles, we’ve all got something that we’d like to improve when it comes to our skin. Choosing the right product to boost your skin is as simple as knowing what you want to fix.

If it’s acne, then you can’t go past Payots “PÂTE GRISE EXPERT POINTS NOIRS”, Its unique formula acts in 3 times on blackheads: it cleanses the skin thoroughly, cleanses and tightens pores.

If you’re concerned about the beginnings of crows feet and laughing lines, then Payots “BLUE TECHNI LISS CONCENTRÉ” serum fights against the effects of desynchronised skin biorhythms. It brings a daily boost with a high concentration of three sources of hyaluronic acid for visibly smoothed, plumped skin, and filled lines and wrinkles.
Its fresh and melt-in gel with a slightly pink texture is instantly absorbed for an immediate plumping effect!

3. Hydrate:
There’s a reason we’re encouraged to drink two litres of water a day! Hydration is just as important for our skin as well as our nutrition and health. Healthy skin is activated by water, and prolonging skin hydration is the ultimate key to fighting against an ageing appearance.

The secret to hydrated skin is find a product that not only moisturises but also prolongs hydration, resulting in younger-looking skin and enhancing the skin’s natural repairing process. To ensure your skin has access to necessary hydration throughout the day, a convenient on-the-go product like Payots “HYDRA 24+ CRÈME GLACÉE” is for Daily moisturising and plumping care, ideal for normal to dry skin. This silky, rich and satin-soft cream melts deliciously into the skin for intense 24-hour hydration and immediate and long-lasting comfort.

4. Protect:
Spring is filled with lush sunny days, the temperatures not too hot and not too cold, but living in Australia means we constantly need to remember to protect ourselves from those harmful and damaging UV rays.

The foundation to any good skin care routine is ensuring UV protection, even if it is just from home to the office. We always opt for 50+ protection when venturing outdoors, even if it is just for a short time, and can’t go past UV Defiance SPF 50+. The non-sticky, everyday protection is perfect on its own or under make-up. Try Payots “CRÈME DIVINE SPF 50”, The Crème Divine SPF 50 offers your face and body intense sun protection and shields your skin from photoageing. You will love its invisible, non-greasy texture that makes application easy and pleasant.

So if you’re ready to spring clean your home skin care routine, visit your local Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics for a free skin assessment today and get the right products to suit you!

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