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Plump, restore and revitalize tired and dull Winter skin with the cult New York and Cool Lift facial treatments at Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics.

The cost depends on the type of treatment and the number of injections you have. At Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics, we only use the very best products on the market, as we want to ensure your skin is being given the highest standards of care. However, we do strive to keep our prices as competitive as possible.

The mornings are getting lighter, the nip in the air may be on the way out – Spring is finally in the air and we have a renewed bounce in our step. But, how is your skin feeling? Like most around this time, I would suggest dry, feeling lack lustre and generally in need of a boost of radiance and glow.

We keep our fingers on the pulse when it comes to global skincare trends and the latest innovative skin treatments and this is what sets Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics apart from our competitors – we offer superior treatments that care and nourish for your skin and have the latest technology and training to be able to offer the latest and greatest treatments that are being talked about around the world. Two of the latest treatments that are generating buzz amongst the beauty media and consumers are the New York 3-in-1 Super Facial and CoolLift Treatment.

I am highly recommending these two treatments at this time of year to my clients as they both work to seriously put some life back into skin post the cold Winter months. They work to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and restore skin’s volume and youthful glow. Below goes into detail about each treatment and what they specifically address:


This really is the newest generation in facial treatments. It is the only 3-in-1 Super Facial that works to exfoliate, infuse and oxygenate all in one treatment. Your skin will come to life and feel smoother and look more radiant immediately. Results are seen after only one treatment.
This amazing treatment improves skin oxygen levels via oxygenation and infusion of valuable ingredients to enrich the skin layers – all the things skin loves!

*Plumps and hydrate
*Restores skin volume
*Renews youthful glow
*Revitalizes dull complexion
*Reduces appearance of wrinkles
*Firms skin and tighten pores
*Improves skin cell production
*Reduces appearance of pigmentation

And it’s safe for ANY skin type! A single treatment is $149 at Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics.


This is a super plumping and hydrating treatment where a Coolift Gun applies a strong CO2 flow to the surface of the skin, combined with a high concentration of atomized actives at a very high pressure and low temperature allowing active ingredients to penetrate the skin more rapidly. This accelerates the results of the treatment, which means the appearance of wrinkles and fines lines are visibly reduced after just one session making your skin appear plumper, restoring the youthful glow and radiance to your skin.

• Hydrates and plumps
• Clears uneven skin tone
* Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
* Restores youthful glowing radiance

A single treatment is $199 at Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics and also excellent as add on to all Facial treatments for just $99.

Why not come and give your skin a post Winter boost with one of these wonderful treatments! We would love to see you at one of our clinics very soon.

Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics was established in 2002 and has continued to remain a leader in offering high quality skin care products and innovative and tailored beauty treatments to restore the appearance of youth and beauty to skin and deliver visible results.
Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinic are renowned for their caring approach and they listen and carefully address all guests concerns while helping everyone achieve their desired results. The clinics always have their guests best interests at heart and they genuinely care about their guests and the way they feel and the results they want to achieve, as well as always providing guests with a relaxing and rejuvenating experience as soon as they walk through the door.
There are four Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics located throughout Sydney – Baulkham Hills, Burwood, Eastgardens and Miranda with more locations are being announced soon!

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