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We exhaust a lot of time and energy looking after our finances and investing in our retirement even though we know it is still years away but should we be doing the same with our skin? How young is too young to start thinking about anti-ageing? Follow Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics’ guide on how to start incorporating anti-ageing elements into your skin routine.


20's_ (002)In your 20’s – Protect and Prevent 

This is the age when your skin is naturally radiant, and so not many women think about anti-ageing at this point in their lives. Having said that, this can also be the age of hormonal breakouts for some women, particularly around their menstrual cycles, so you don’t want to overwhelm your skin with anti-ageing products that are too rich for 20-year-old skin. Instead women in their 20s should focus on using sunscreen as a form of protection and prevention against sun exposure which studies have shown to be a major contributor to premature ageing. Our solution is using Skinstitut Perfect Protection as a daily moisturiser to hydrate and safeguard your skin against UV exposure. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a clean diet, plenty of water for hydration and exercise will also pay dividends in the years to come.


In your 30’s – Stimulate Collagen Production30's_ (002)

The effects of ageing haven’t really started to kick in yet, well not visibly anyway. In our 30’s collagen and elastin production starts to decrease, so your skin may appear less plump and expression lines start becoming a little more noticeable. At this age, it is important we take our skincare regime to the next level. The use of Vitamin A correcting serums is one of our biggest weapons against ageing and to improve skin lacking density. Our solution is to use products that contain Retinol or vitamin A to promote cell renewal, increase collagen and elastin production. Try OCosmedics Retinol Concentrate or OCosmedics Potent Retinol Serum with V8 Peptide Complex. These products help your skin to appear smoother with a clearer, lifted and more even tone.


In your 40’s – Step It Up50's (002)

The signs of ageing are more prominent now, as this is the age where cell function starts to slow down. To counter this process antioxidants should be added into the skincare regime. Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics loves the Ageless Peel; a skin rejuvenating antioxidant and amino acid peel that reduces the appearance of visible signs of ageing and sun damage. This revolutionary peel works deep within the skin encouraging healthy new cell production resulting in a revitalised, smoother radiant complexion. Another great facial is our Microdermabrasion with Collagen Infusion. This amazing facial acts as a growth factor facilitating collagen and elastin production while also helping to improve the appearance of firmness, density and elasticity in the skin giving a “plumped up” effect. Combine these facials with our Fabufeel Radiance Serum, containing the Hyaluronic acid, an antioxidant defense against free radical damage and you will have the perfect recipe for youthful looking skin.


In your 50’s – I40's_ (002)ncrease Nourishment

This is the age when skin takes on a dry and dull appearance due to diminishing hormones and the slowing down of cell function. This is the time to shift to richer, more nourishing and rejuvenating treatments and products. To reverse the ageing process, we recommend a Photo-rejuvenation treatment to accelerate the natural renewal of skin cells, build collagen, tighten the skin and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Combine this with our revolutionary new HIFU treatment for a non-surgical face and neck lift. HIFU achieves impressive results by promoting collagen production by stimulating muscle fibres to tighten and lift the skin without the need for invasive surgery. In addition to these treatments we should be maintaining all the earlier anti-ageing habits that were incorporated in previous decades such as sun protection, vitamin A, antioxidants, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle of a clean diet and exercise.

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