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PROTEIN_POSTIs your skin feeling dry and irritated? You’re not the only one. Cold weather, frigid winds, and dropping humidity means your skin is probably in need of some TLC. Everyone’s complexion is a little different, and your best defence for your skin this winter depends on your skin type, lifestyle, and skin care habits. Here are some tips to keeping your skin feeling fresh this winter:

For fair skin or freckled skin

Use sunblock. People with fair skin have less pigment and less natural protection against the sun’s UV rays. During winter your skin is still exposed to harmful UV rays. Keep your skin looking youthful by applying plenty of sunblock. Using sunblock all year round is a great way to keep all skin types looking younger for longer.

Olive or darker skin

Use moisturiser, and plenty of it. More pigment in the skin may offer protection for the skin, but too much exposure to the sun in summer can lead to dry, dull, and rough skin texture in the winter. The solution? Apply plenty of moisturiser to replenish the lost moisture of the skin.

Dry skin

Have cooler showers. It can be tempting to have  a steaming hot shower on a winter morning, but the hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils. This leaves it dry and flaky. Try having a cooler shower and apply plenty of moisturiser afterwards for that extra skin hydration hit.

Oily skin

Exercise regularly. Exercise boosts circulation and brings much needed oxygen and nutrients to your skin. It helps to detox the skin and get rid of excess dirt and oil build up. Don’t forget to moisturise too – but remember to use a light, oil free moisturiser that won’t clog your pores.

Combination Skin

Include lots of healthy foods and vegetables in your diet. This skin type can be a challenge during winter, as the skin is in part oil and others to dry. The key to naturally glowing skin is in your diet. Maintain a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables and watch your skin tone even out and your problem areas improve.


At Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics we understand that everyone’s skin is different, we personalise your skincare plan to suit your needs. Visit Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics for more winter skincare hacks.

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