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Non-surgical Liposuction – Tips

By September 30, 2014August 9th, 2023No Comments

Non-Surgical Liposuction is taking off, and here is why…

non-surgical liposuction bottom

-How many ways have you considered to tighten your figure?
-Do wish you could feel comfortable in a bikini?
-Is there that extra bludge you can’t budge? No matter how much exercise you do?

We have seen really positive results from the non-surgical liposuction promotion, people are loving the treatment and what has done for them. We wanted to share some tips for keeping in shape and some great rules to live by, especially to take full advantage of your non-surgical liposuction treatments Sydney.

Drink plenty of fluids to detox

• Green tea is amazing for this as an anti-oxidant
• Create your own version of Lemon drink to help flush out all the toxins

Exercise every day

Be it hitting the gym moving up and down the stairs, or a light leisurely walk anything to get your blood pumping will have positive effects for weight loss. After non-surgical Liposuction, when all that fat is turned into liquid, it creates fuel for your muscles so to exercise right after the treatment is a great way to tone.

• Try to take 10000 steps per day Take advantage of the fitness app’s such as Samsung S Health and start tracking your steps.
• All you need is 20 minutes of activity daily

Eat well

• Sugar is the sworn enemy of your skin
• Cutting down your food proportions by 2% will make a huge difference, altogether that is 10% per day!
• Go to fresh food for a fitter figure.

Pay attention to that area

• DO NOT wear tight fitting underwear! there are many nasty side effects of ill-fitting clothes, your lymph system is restricted, it cannot flush out and toxins due to the constriction of the clothing.
• Have a cooler shower, hot showers dehydrate your skin.
• Whilst having a shower, use a buffing cloth or loafer and buff over any bulge or problem areas.
When you start getting in this frame of mind – you are already half way there!

The benefits of treatment include:

* lose up to 16cm from one treatment
* our system targets and melts fat not fluid
* immediate results
* no downtime
* you can actually see the results
* equipment TGA & FDA approved

How does the treatment work?

* We use ultrasound (no it is not the same ultrasound used for pregnant women), this ultrasound delivers ultrasound waves at a certain speed into the skin, this causes the fat cells to start vibrating so vigorously and hitting against each other that they are eliminated
* The Radio Frequency heats the fat internally by up to 60 degrees Celsius that the fat is melted and turned into liquid which is eliminated from the body by the liver and kidneys. (you must have a healthy liver and kidneys, for this treatment to be performed on you)
* the treatment also has skin tightening as an added bonus!

Facts on toning up:
In summary, fat cells are being eliminated, fat is being melted and you get skin tightening as an added bonus.
Well, what are you waiting for, book now, and get your body ready for beach and party season!
Don’t take our word for it, this is what some of our clients have to say about their fantastic results

And of course check our photo gallery of amazing before and after photos on the non-surgical liposuction page



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