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Nearly 1/3rd of people have at least one tattoo and about half of all millennials have one. If you are among them and have changed your mind about getting a tattoo, you are not alone. About 25% of people with a tattoo say they were too young when they got their tattoo and now regret it.

Original tattoo removal was invasive and stressful, but Nirvana’s laser tattoo removal service here in Sydney specialises in tattoo removal treatment, and our specialists are trained professionals.

The good news is that a reliable tattoo removal service can remove your tattoo with no pain or scarring. At Nirvana, our tattoo removal service employs only the best tattoo removal specialists.

The Tattoo

Tattoos are made up of thousands of particles of tattoo pigment that are suspended in the skin. Healthy growth and healing remove small foreign particles, but the tattoo pigments remain because they are too big to be removed.

Laser tattoo removal breaks up the pigment colours with a high-intensity light beam. Black is the most straightforward colour to treat because it absorbs the laser wavelengths. It is more difficult to break up fluorescent colours such as yellow, so if your tattoo has many hues, it is often necessary to come back for another treatment.

The Process

The number of treatments needed for removal will vary depending on the age of the tattoo, its size, and its colour(s). Other factors that affect the number of treatments necessary include your skin tone and how deep into the skin the pigment goes. Our tattoo removal specialists determine the required energy to remove the tattoo during your consultation and are trained to use the newer Q-switched laser, which rarely results in scarring.

You will be given a pair of eye shields to protect your eyes, and the technician will test your skin’s reaction to the laser. This test also helps to determine the most effective energy for treatment. Then the laser passes pulses of intense light into the layers of the skin, which are absorbed only by the tattoo pigment.

Laser tattoo removal is uncomfortable but not painful. A topical anaesthesia applied to the skin beforehand is often all that is necessary.

We offer the best, most experienced tattoo removal service in Sydney. Our tattoo removal specialists will remove your tattoo quickly and without scarring. Once removed, the only care required is an antibiotic cream and a bandage to cover the area to protect it.

Schedule your consultation with one of our trained tattoo removal specialists. They will evaluate your tattoo and advise you on the best process and number of treatments necessary for complete tattoo removal service. Call for your appointment today.

Price Per Treatment : From 90$



Our revolutionary laser safely & effectively removes tattoo’s without scarring

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“now, 8 treatments later it hasdissappeared. I am thrilled with the  result – thank you to the ladies at Nirvana Beauty!”

After 8 Tattoo removal treatments, this tattoo has completely vanished!

After 8 Tattoo removal treatments, this tattoo has completely vanished!




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