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Non-Surgical Liposuction – Your Top Questions Answered

Are exercise and healthy eating still not shedding the excess fat around your stomach, thighs, and buttocks? You’ve probably already considered surgical liposuction but are not too keen on going under the knife. Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics is one of the very few clinics in Australia that offer proven non-surgical liposuction treatments which provide amazing results. […]

Beat the Winter Beauty Blues

  When 90 per cent of your body is hidden behind layers of cashmere, wool and fur, who can be bothered with pedicures and waxing? We hate to say it, but for some reason once the temperature dips, we find it easier to neglect our beauty routine. While there’s nothing wrong with secretly sporting bare toes […]

Brotox – Cosmetic Injections for men are on the rise!

Once upon a time Botox was a treatment almost exclusively taken by women. How times have changed! More and more men are adding Botox to their regular beauty routine, and this rising trend has led to the coined term “Brotox”. The cosmetic enhancement procedure, often linked to women, has now reached a wide group of […]

Protect your skin from the Change in Weather

We hate to break it to you, but with summer fading fast, it’s almost time to pack away the sandals, brush off the knitwear and start cranking up the central heating. The change in season doesn’t just call for a different wardrobe and toastier home but also a change to your skincare routine. Everything from […]

Perfect skin for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest date nights of the year. With the celebration of love around the corner, it’s time to start prepping for a romantic night out with your beau. In our opinion, the best thing to pair with your date night little black dress is flawless looking skin from head to […]

Spring Skincare tips from Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics

Get Your Skin Ready For Spring The sun is finally re-appearing from behind the clouds, and spring is just around the corner! If you and your skin have gone into hibernation this winter it’s time wake up and dust off those winter blues.  Prepping your skin for spring means revitalising your skincare routine. At Nirvana Beauty […]

Winter Skincare Tip from Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics

Is your skin feeling dry and irritated? You’re not the only one. Cold weather, frigid winds, and dropping humidity means your skin is probably in need of some TLC. Everyone’s complexion is a little different, and your best defence for your skin this winter depends on your skin type, lifestyle, and skin care habits. Here […]

Mesotherapy | What is the MESO GLOW?

NIRVANA BEAUTY LASER CLINICS ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE We are one of the very few clinics Australia wide offering the treatment of ‘MESO GLOW’ This is the biggest craze at the moment in DUBAI with many celebrities and starts having this treatment even in America it is very popular amongst celebrities. What is MESO GLOW […]

Bring on 2015

Astrology Predictions for 2015 | Sign by Sign for LOVE ARIES Promises to be full of love, new relationships, new encounters and increased popularity with the opposite sex. During practically all 2015 you will feel like plunging into new love affairs head first. TAURUS During 2015 many Bulls will have to change their private life by making a […]

Cosmetic injections – what you need to know

Nirvana Beauty Laser Clinics offers the highest quality treatments. We bring you expert advise in aesthetic medicine from people who are passionate about educating clients in areas relating to their skin concerns. At Nirvana Beauty, we strive to provide best practice advice and treatment in the areas of cosmetic injectable rejuvenation, along with advice on various […]