At Nirvana Beauty, we live to our see clients delight once their desired results are achieved! Here are some testimonials of just some of the amazing results we are helping people achieve every day!

Non-Surgical Liposuction


“I was very satisfied with the personalised treatment I received, they explained the procedure very carefully and I had a lot of questions which were answered professionally.  The actual treatment was very successful, I was hoping for good results but I was extremely happy with the incredible result achieved, I lost quite a few centimetres off the tummy area, I was absolutely thrilled. I always talk to my friends about Nirvana Beauty and will happily recommend to anyone.”

“Dear Nirvana ManagementI would like to provide some feedback about your staff at the Burwood salon. I have been a customer for over a year and have had exceptional customer service from Sue and Taylor for a range of different treatments. This is the first time that I have become a loyal customer to one particular salon and that is due to the friendly and professional customer service and expert treatment by Sue and Taylor. Every time I visit or call the salon I am treated well as a person and as a valued customer and I look forward to chatting to the girls each time.The majority of my treatments have been with Sue. Sue is always friendly, positive and professional even though I know how busy the girls are and what long days they do at work on their feet. As well as being a pleasure to be with, Sue has really helped me achieve excellent results with my skin and has provided excellent consultation about my skin and different treatments and creams. Sue understands that all customers are different as people and have different priorities and provides specific service and advice to help achieve the outcomes people want. I always recommend Nirvana Burwood to my friends.
I work in Human Resources so I understand the value of excellent staff, how difficult it can be to find and retain them and what a difference they can make to the success of a business. That is partly why I wanted to provide this feedback to you. Sue is a true asset to your business in more ways than one and is a great role model to junior staff.
Please forward my feedback to the relevant people and thank you for having such great staff at the Burwood salon.
Kind regards

“The staff are highly qualified, very professional and excel in good customer service. I can talk to them and they are very understanding. I am so happy with their services that I am always giving their gift vouchers to my friends as presents.”

“They are very friendly and professional. When I leave the salon I am always happy with what they have done.”



Photo Rejuvenation


“The staff know their business very well, so understand my skin type and requirements. They are very well presented in uniform and professional but personable. The quality of their work is excellent and their customer service is very good. They are extremely conscious of Hygiene and the premises are always kept very tidy.”

“After two facials and using the recommended products, I saw a significant improvement –hardly any breakouts J. The treatments are always relaxing and professional. Thank you J” – Christina

“The place is clean, the people are friendly, they do an excellent job and I enjoy coming back to my next appointment”. – Raelene

“Skin looks younger, not as red and skin looks fresh.”-Aghita

“Very happy with laser on the bikini line, will look at underarm treatment as well. Thank You Amanda.” – Carmel

“Amazing, completely redefined my stomach and love handle areas.

“(non-surgical Facelifting)AMAZING! I’ve had immediate results even after the first treatment. Noticed a plumping and firming effect, more defined jawline, reduced joweld, smoother under-eye area. The results actually keep improving over the next few days, especially with the jawline and the neck area. Would strongly recommend at least 3 treatments. They are quite long lasting as well. Great service, very professional, friendly and knowledgeable.” Irina

“(non-surgical liposuction) Lines reduced, centimeters lost & cewllulite reduced, very happy to date, cannot wait till the treatment finishes, only half way!” – Carol

“I noticed that my pigmentation has gone lightr and I am happy with the results and treatment. I am also very happy with the staff and service.” – Rachel

“SENSATIONAL. The hairs have slowed down/disappeared after 5 treatments and I am so happy with both the service and professionalism that has been shown. Best thing I have ever done.” – Amanda

“First time that i have ever done this and was blown away how good it felt. I was relaxed and spoilt for around an hour. The lady that did the power cleanse facial On me was amazing. I met her when my wife had her appointment a few days ago and at the time after speaking with Kymabout the process i was keen to have a go. Im tbe typical guy that thought this treatment was all for women but after today i change my mind and am looking forward to doing it again. Kym was amazing great to see there are still great people providing great customer service and are so proffesional with what they do. I think you should find a way to get the message out to guys like me that this type of stuff is great for the face, not to be pretty but to be refreshed. I love massages and today my face got a great treatment. When I left the shop I felt amazing. Thank you. Please pass on the thank you to Kym Regards.” – Carlos

“I am a regular here and can’t imagine going anywhere else. I have had great outcomes from treatments and product advice as well as regular tinting/waxing etc. The staff are great and go out of their way to look after you!” Christine

“I have been going to Nirvana Beauty at Hornsby for the last 6 months and have found the customer service by there fantastic. I originally just went to get waxed but after having a long chat to one of the girls there Mel, she helped me to start a skin care program to finally clear up the problem skin on my face. I now goevery two weeks to get different facials and every time i go Mel asks how the skin care products are going and if i am happy with the results i am getting. She also made sure that I understood how to best use the products that she recommended. At previous places i have gone to i have felt like the staff have only wanted to see how much money they can get out of me and not given me the products that are right for my skin. Mel has always taken the time to look at my skin and only use the best products for my skin. I have never felt pressured to buy anything and told to finish the products I already have before purchasing anything else. The packages that are offered by Nirvana Beauty have also saved me a lot of money and I always prepay my treatments.
I quite often get microdermabrasion and find that my skin is glowing the next day and my skin is noticeably clearer by the time i get home. I don’t feel like its such a chore any more going to get waxed i now feel like it is my special treat i can’t wait for my appointment to come around! I would recommend Mel and Nirvana Beauty to anyone.”

I highly recommend Nirvana Hornsby- with Casey as their manager, the team are all friendly and professional. 5 star service.” – Stephanie


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