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The party season is upon us, bringing with it the perfect excuse to indulge in our favourite Christmas food and drink, as well as experimenting with bold new hair and make-up looks. However, these can eventually take their toll on skin, leaving it looking dull or tired.

Luckily, we’ve found the top tips on how to keep your complexion looking radiant no matter what your plans this festive period…

-Keep your skincare routine simple
Although the cold harsh weather can make it tempting to reach for a series of creams, too many products can actually end up clogging up your pores and leaving you prone to breakouts. Make sure to cleanse, tone and moisturise every day and exfoliate once a week for a fuss-free, effective way to keep skin clear.

-Stay hydrated
During the festive period it’s easy to indulge in everything from salty foods to alcohol, but these dry out your skin and can lead to the forming of fine lines. Make sure you drink eight glasses of water a day to give your complexion a healthy boost ahead of the office Christmas party!

-Give your skin a boost
Once a week take the time to give your skin a helping hand by applying a face mask or going for a facial. If you’re short on time a steam facial is a quick and effective way of cleansing the skin in just 10 minutes.

-Stick to a healthy diet
A balanced diet will not only help you fight off the bugs and colds that come with winter, but they will also keep your skin looking healthy and glowing.

-Cleanse your skin properly
Whether you’re trying a new make-up look or simply finding yourself getting home late at night, it’s important to clean your skin to rid it of any bacteria. If you find you are too tired when you get home, keep some make-up wipes at the side of your bed to ensure you still remove the make-up and avoid clogging up pores with the day’s dirt.

-Make time for beauty sleep
The party season can mean lots of late nights, but try to get at least eight hours of sleep as this not only keeps your body well-rested, but also allows skin to rejuvenate itself naturally.

-Try going make-up free
If you find yourself with a day off from the hectic social calendar that comes with the festive season, try going make-up free. This will give your skin a chance to breathe and recover.

-Don’t forget your hands and lips
These can be easily forgotten in a skincare routine, but actually suffer from the most exposure to the cold along with your face. Keep a lip balm and hand cream with you for a quick moisturising boost.

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